Appnauter’s mission is to provide creative tools that help anyone give a great experiences. From the designers and engineers who are creating the next generation of web, glass & device experiences. Was founded by Manuel Negrín, like a founder & CEO with decades of roles in product development and brand management  as well as 15 years as R&D developer of an interactive products marketer.

The Appnauter Studio can assist you in building your brand while keeping you relevant in the increasingly digital world. We take ideas and translate them into campaigns that will give you an edge over your competitors. Our goal is to make your message clear to the consumer through creative branding and digital marketing. Not to mention we want you to look cool while doing it.


We Provide the Following Services

Web Design Build
- Visual and powerfull site
- E-commerce and online shop
- UX & UI design

Art Direction
- Creative work
- Fully immersed in our clients
- Art direction to shape the look and feel of your specific project.

Innovate applications for touchscreen & High Tech devices
- Effective applications for whole kind of projetcs
- Smart applications for visual devices

Digital Marketing + Strategy Consultation
- Brand Strategies
- Clarifying Goals and Objectives
- Consumer Research and Analysis
- Digital Tactic Integrations
- Strategic Partnerships
- Search Engine

Optimization Internet tools
- Pre Production and Planning
- SEO / SEM strategies

Video Content Production
- Pre Production and Planning
- Directing
- Post Production
- Photography

Content Development
- Promotional Video Production
- Music Video Production
- Photo shoot Production
- Promotional Photography

Social Media
- Social Media Assessment
- Profile Development
- Content Maintenance
- Increase Database Activity
- Consumer Engagement

Publicity + Brand Awareness
- High Traffic Target Coverage
- Media Training for Talent
- Press Releases
- Impact Date Awareness
- Interview Scheduling and Facilitation
- Data and Analysis Research
- Influential online target identification